About Me

I am a jolly girl, who is fascinated by the forms, shapes and tastes food can take around the world. So, because  I am not the selfish type, I decided to share my culinary adventures, with you, using the help of this blog. I will also share all the interesting recipes I will find during my travelling, as I  try these recipes myself and share the way things turned out for me. You will have the chance of trying them in your home, without the need to travel or to do to an expensive restaurant.

I also prepared a Ethnic Food Shop  on this blog, to allow you to have the best ethnic food experiences. Are you ready to try something you’re not familiar with? I know we are! Use exotic spices, find unusual ingredients to make delicious dishes from all over the world. You can even try some of the secret local recipes and then share them with loved ones. Probably we are somewhere out in the world, tasting all types of interesting foods, during the time you read these lines. So stay tuned, as I am about to bring you news from our food safari.

I sincerely believe that good food can bring people together. Just think about the great fun you have when you invite family or friends over for dinner, even if you prepare simple meals. Food means love, and offering food from the bottom of your heart is one of the deepest gestures of affection and appreciation. So this is the way we want to show our love for food and you, the food enthusiast.

I hope this experience will enrich our knowledge about the way we know food. I am are more than thankful for the existence of cultural differences regarding food. Without them, the way we eat would be such a dull activity, don’t you think? So, through our food, we will also celebrate the culinary traditions developed in a distinct way in different parts of the planet.


Hope to see you well next time.


Lisa Gold – La Gourmande