What if you could enjoy the rich traditional foods and beverages offered in every culture of this world without leaving your own home? Once that it would have been impossible, but not anymore! Because of the Internet, we can bring together vendors from around the globe into one giant marketplace called ICookDifferent. You have arrived at the supermarket of the future.

For the sellers

Here, sellers from distant lands can come together and offer their delicacies without any listing fees. A seller from a small village in Indonesia could reach customers in New York City or Paris. A freelance chef in China could sell his recipes to customers in Germany without paying us anything. A baker in Rio de Janeiro could actually market his pastries halfway around the planet! Our marketplace reaches just as far as the appetites of our customers.
On the contrary, you may be a supplier of precious delicacies from distant lands. This one site allows you to post your offerings for free and to be exposed to a growing international audience!

For the buyers

As a buyer you will be astonished at such a far-reaching assortment of great tasty foods and beverages in a single place. You will never again need to search through all those expensive specialty websites to find that candy or cheese that impressed you so much during a vacation long ago. Even those unusual, but very clever kitchen utensils they saw in Japan are here for the asking.

During the past couple of decades, the whole world has become an international marketplace, but nothing like ours. Our mission is to welcome you to a uniquely enjoyable experience, not just a marketplace – more like a bistro in Paris, a Latin cantina, and urban bakery, or some down-home barbeque shack. Whether your palate craves some savory Oriental cuisine, a Cuban sandwich, or some blood-red socket salmon, you are entering the portal of a global restaurante suprema.

Perhaps you would like to buy fresh, but very rare spices from the Indian subcontinent, or the rich espresso that cannot be found in your neighborhood, this is your one-stop shopping experience.