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International Dining, the slow cooker way. Prep in the morning for your international destination for dinner. Big Easy Jambalaya brings the taste of Mardi Gras to your table. Add chicken, sausage, seafood and tomatoes for a Big Easy Treat. French Bistro Short Ribs melts in your mouth. Add beef ribs, tomatoes and broth – even spinach – for this classic French dish. Moroccan Chicken Cous Cous tantalizes your taste buds with a North African favorite. Add chicken, tomato and fruit. Serve with pita or lavash for an exotic treat. Italian Farm-Style Chicken transports your family to the Italian countryside. Add chicken, tomatoes and broth and top with green or black olives for this international feast.No added salt – Gluten Free – All Natural
Prep time is 5 to 8 minutes
All you add is meat and broth – sometimes vegetables!
Eight generous servings in each flovor package