New Zealand

While New Zealand cuisine keeps some native (Maori) traditions, mostly it has British-colonial flavors. It’s basic component is red meat although poultry and seafood are making inroads. Traditional Maori dishes include” Rewena (bread), Kawakawa tea (from leaves of the namesake plant), Pikopiko (fern shoots called “bush asparagus”), Colonial Goose (roasted leg of lamb!), Pavlova (meringue-based dessert), any Hāngi (food cooked using heated rock burries in a pit oven), skip popular Fish-and-chips

June 2016

Thai Red Curry Tofu Soup With Sweet Potato Noodles

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[ad_1] A good spiralizer can change your life. I have the Paderno brand and it is so easy to noodle the living daylights out of any veggie, that even a four year old can do it. But there is this thing. Not all veggies are four-year old friendly in terms of noodling. There is a reason [...]

May 2016

Roasted Broccoli And Coconut Salad With Turmeric Dressing

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[ad_1] Do you remember the time as a kid when the most exciting part of your day was if your mum or dad allowed you to place a pillow on your chair and sit on it at the dinner table, instantly making you heaps taller (and unconquerable)? How special were simple days like that? Earlier [...]

Matcha Coconut And Chia Pudding

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[ad_1] My love for matcha is legendary. At least here on the blog. An acquired taste, matcha is the fine ground powder of a specially grown green tea. Grown in the shade away from direct sunlight, the tender leaves of the green tea are grown for a mere three weeks before harvesting. The delicate tea [...]

Passionfruit Cordial And Weekend Reading List

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[ad_1] I am amazed that we still have a steady trickle of plump passion fruit at the markets. I am also amazed that we are still wearing skirts and tank tops when autumn has almost gone. Maybe the two are related. Maybe it was the wrong year to buy a very chic, very warm wool cape. [...]

April 2016

Easy 30 Minute Kimchi And Vegan Fish Sauce

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[ad_1] Its true. I have had a slow burning, escalating obsession with kimchi for a while. Like baking bread, once you start making your own kimchi there is no turning back. I first shared a step-by-step Vegan Kimchi recipe with heaps of process and stage shots two years ago. I give away a lot of [...]

Crispy Caramel Apple Tart And My Fool Proof Frangipane

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[ad_1] If you love mug cakes (of course you do!) then you will love this quick dessert of buttery flaky pastry  topped with a caramel fudgy frangipane and paper thin apple slices, baked to golden must-be-eaten-with-a-dollop-of-ice cream perfection. An abomination of a traditional tart masquerading as a thin-crust sweet pizza, who really cares what it [...]

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Jelly

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[ad_1] I run on coffee. It flows through my veins. Although I limit myself to only three small cups a day, I get caught up in the whole ritual of this intensely aromatic tradition. I wake up thinking about my first cup. As Nick expertly pours me my first of the day (he has made [...]

Grilled Buttered Corn And Barbecue Spice Rubs

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[ad_1] The augment of autumn often translates to camping season here in Australia. There is something about a slight chill in the air and the leaves falling that makes us want to jump into a car crammed with our life possessions, tow bar burgeoning under the weight of bicycles and our offsprings squashed in there [...]