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Love watermelon but frustrated trying to slice and serve it without creating a mess or cutting a finger? Fed up paying crazy prices for pre-cut melon at the store?

The Cherry Rebel Watermelon Slicer and Server is the solution. It enables you to quickly and conveniently prepare melons delivering even slices without the mess. 

It’s comfortable, ergonomic handle won’t slip or hurt your hand and it’s unique adjustable cutter lets you vary the thickness of slices and apply just the right amount of pressure to lift and serve. This premium watermelon cutter will not break with repeated use unlike conventional fixed cutters. 


  • Cut your watermelon in half
  • Hold your slicer with the seed scraping teeth uppermost
  • Hold the melon steady and insert the tip close to the rind on the side furthest from you
  • Press down and draw towards you following the inner curve of the melon 
  • Repeat this inserting one blade into the previous cut until all the melon is sliced
  • Flip the slicer over and press the curved blades into the cuts, squeeze gently to ease the slice out
  • On large melons you may find it easier to the start the cut at the deepest part in the centre line and draw towards you completing one side before turning the melon and repeating on the opposite side. This produces easier to handle segments
  • Serve and enjoy!

This is ideal for busy moms and dads, BBQ lovers, picnicking families and you. It comes with a bonus melon baller and carver tool in a sealed box making it a great gift set for all food lovers.

Order with confidence now, it comes with a 100% no quibble Money-Back Lifetime Guarantee.

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DESIGNED WITH EASE & SAFETY IN MIND: Hold this watermelon slicer in your hand and feel how comfortable the non slip handle is. You’ll be delighted at how safe, easy and fast your Cherry Rebel Slicer and Server cuts perfect slices. Simply queeze this adjustable watermelon cutter to vary the slice thickness then flip it over and use as tongs to lift and serve
AUTHENTIC QUALITY YOU CAN COUNT ON: Unlike many watermelon cutters that are made of cheap metal, your Cherry Rebel Watermelon Slicer is manufactured from100% food grade 304 stainless steel. We’ve meticulously made this top kitchen untensil to serve you for years to come
CLEAN UP IS A BREEZE: Now you can enjoy the refreshing flavor and health benefits of fresh watermelon without the hassle of messy clean ups. Leave the juice in the rind bowl – not on your countertops and simply rinse the slicer under the faucet or pop in the dishwasher and you’re done
BONUS FREE MELON BALLER & CARVER MULTI TOOL: Have more fun with your fruit and vegetables – carve pretty shapes with the serrated end, which is also great for hulling strawberries, and use the easy release scoop to shape balls of melon, apple, butter, cookie dough and ice cream for garnishing and decoration
ENJOY A LIFETIME 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We’re so confident in the quality of your Cherry Rebel Watermelon Slicer and Server that we give you an amazing guarantee – if you have ANY problems we’ll replace it or give you your money back. Once you get the hang of this gadget you’re going to love it! Ships from the USA