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Papa Vince’s is 100% Olive Juice; YOU CAN TASTE THE OLIVES. Each harvest will taste different. Be ready for a pleasant surprise!

• SINGLE SOURCED; SINGLE-FAMILY; SINGLE-ORCHARD; SINGLE-COUNTRY – Papa Vince’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) comes from our own orchards in SANTA NINFA, SICILY, ITALY

• ONE-VARIETAL – Papa Vince’s EVOO is made solely with NOCELLARA DEL BELICE olives

• UNADULTERATED Extra Virgin Olive Oil – So authentic that as soon as you put it on a piece of bread, Papa Vince does away with all speculations. The peppery kick in the back of your throat is your evidence that Papa Vince is the REAL DEAL. In fact, highly trained Italian Investigators look for this peppery kick to determine whether or not the extra virgin olive oil is REAL.

• FIRST COLD PRESSED – of the highest quality. We enjoyed the lowest acidity in the market (FFA < .26). In other words, NO HEARTBURN! • TASTES LIKE OLIVES – If you like drinking EVOO in the morning, you will feel the delicious presence of antioxidants down your throat. In fact, Papa Vince’s tastes so good that you may be tempted to drink the entire bottle straight. • RAW, UNFILTERED & CLOUDY – We refuse to filter out nutrients for the sake of eye-appealing appearance. In fact, the sediment that you see at the bottom of the bottle infuses our oil with amazing flavor and a super high count of anti-oxidants • NO INSECTICIDES, NO HERBICIDES, NO PESTICIDES – Thanks to the fresh winds of the hills that keeps bugs away, our orchards are healthy and fruitful year after year. Ask for our chemical analysis via email • YOUR FOOD WILL TASTE BETTER – YAMMY on arugula, caprese, bruschetta, …. Simply add a spoon RAW to all your foods, close your eyes and find yourself back in Italy • SUPER HEALTHY SALAD DRESSING REPLACEMENT: SO GOOD that you may end up eating salads and veggies more often • ONCE YOU TASTE PAPA VINCE – there is no turning back!100% NON-BLENDED COLD PRESSED EVOO – TASTE LIKE OLIVES w/ hints of Tomato, Artichoke & Pepper
2016 HARVEST – Fresh, Green, Light with enough tang to it. You may be tempted to drink it straight
UNADULTERATED & SINGLE SOURCED – Hand-Picked & Pressed by our family in Sicily (Italy) since 1935
4-YEAR SHELF LIFE – because its HIGH LEVEL of Antioxidants & Polyphenols. DIVINE in Salad & Caprese
UNFILTERED, UNREFINED, RAW – to preserve the highest levels of nutrients & flavors. Fantastic with Arugula