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Premium quality grinding set by Lerutti is a kitchen necessity made out of highest-standard stainless steel and elegantly designed to become a stylish addition to any home. Cooking with super-efficient and individually adjustable Lerutti grinder will make you feel like a famous chef in your own kitchen by making each dish a delight. Once tried these durable grinders become irreplaceable essential of cooking and dining for everyone who knows what great meal tastes like.

Approved by FDA and Department of agriculture!


Includes 2 grinders which can be used for grinding of salt, pepper, peppercorn, sea salt, Himalayan Salt, cloves and other spices

Precision mechanism allows for adjustment of any grinding setting from fine to coarse

– Made out of toxins-free food-safe materials, primarily highest quality stainless steel

– Width: 2.55″ (6.5 cm)

– Height: 8.5″ (21.5 cm)

– European design

– Capacity: 2 ounces (57gr) of pepper corns or 5 ounces (142gr) of salt crystals

– Weight: 7.5 ounces (215gr)

KITCHEN ESSENTIAL: These rich quality grinders will refine your home cooking and dining experience to five-star restaurant level. Add extraordinary flavor to your home-made dishes by seasoning them with freshly ground spices and salt. Cooking with top-of-the-line Lerutti grinders will make perfection out of any recipe.
SLEEK DESIGN: Highly functional and deliberately designed grinders will add a unique modern accent to your dining area and will make seasoning quick and efficient. Made of finest materials and stainless steel grinders are not only upscale looking but also durable.
EASE OF USE: Our grinders were specifically built to make grinding convenient, effortless and productive. Lerutti grinders are practical and easy to handle due to their original shape and high capacity. They are large enough to make grinding unchallenging by placing your hands on easy to turn tall body.
HANDY FILLING: Open with one turn and click system, refill and close back the same way. Can be filled up to 2 ounces of pepper or 5 ounces of salt at a time what allows for long-term usage without refill to meet the demand of different users including those who cook and season multiple times daily.
ADJUSTABLE CERAMIC ROTOR: Special design of Lerutti grinders provides for individual adjustment from fine to coarse grinding mode based on the preference of the user. Whether you like your pepper finely ground or coarse our grinder will meet your needs promptly.