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Metal wall bases add flexibility in your kitchen, storing spices on your backsplash, side of a cupboard or inside a cabinet door. Declutter and save kitchen space by creating your own magnetic spice rack. Storing spices near your stove will make cooking more efficient as well as encourage you to season more often.

This listing is for one stainless steel wall plate, grade 430 steel. Plate has rounded corners with pre-drilled holes. The wall plate will hold magnets – and can be used as a base for your magnetic spice containers or as a magnetic bulletin board. The plate itself is not magnetic!

No hardware included! Please use what is appropriate for your wall surface. Plates can also be wall mounted using heavy-duty, double-sided foam adhesive tape.

Jars NOT included.
Small 6×8 plate will fit 10-13 small 1.5 oz hexagon spice jars.
Medium 10×12 plate will fit 28 small 1.5 oz spice jars or 18 large 4 oz spice jars.
Large 12×15, 14×14 or 20×10 plates will fit up to 50 small 1.5 oz or 30 large 4 oz spice jars.

All wall plates are made in the USA. Contact Gneiss Spice with any questions and to request a customized magnetic spice rack personalized to our pantry from our collection of 150+ spices.Stainless steel wall base for hanging magnetic spice containers. Organize your kitchen and save space with a magnetic spice rack.
Jars not included. See description below for quantities of Gneiss Spice jars that can be stored on each plate.
Rounded corners with pre-drilled holes for easy installation. Hardware not included.
Store your spices on the wall near the stove, side of cupboard, inside a cabinet door or even attached to the bottom of a drawer to keep them organized.
Made in the USA. Four sizes available. Contact us for custom sizes!