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Easy to make Salsa recipes!

Salsa is more than just a sauce from Mexico that contains chopped tomatoes and spices. It is the underlying taste of all hearty Mexican dishes. There are many different varieties, fresh or cooked, tangy or zesty but when tasted can move your taste buds to excited rhythm. More so, if done right, can really spice up your life!

With over 50 recipes from all over Mexico, J.R. Deschamps celebrates this traditional but modern sauce with new and improved ideas. This book covers everything from tomatoes; avocados and beans; peppers and chillies. Each recipe is unique, original and delicious. It provides information about the heat scale and peppers one can use in each salsa.

Make delicious, authentic salsa under 15 minutes

J.R. Deschamps’ Hot Salsas: 40 Simple, Quick, Easy and Spicy Authentic Mexican Salsa Recipes’ features easy to make authentic recipes that are every bit impressive. This e-book is inspired by the author’s own experience with Mexican cooking and experimental cooking. It is dedicated to everyone who wants something, spicy, vigorous to accompany their tacos, quesadillas and other Mexican foods. From salsa ancha, salsa bravo, salsa macho to salsa roja, this ebook contains all the salsa recipes that will get your taste buds dancing Salsa! Download your copy today!

Quick and easy authentic Salsa recipes e-book

This cookbook is filled with delicious recipes created by Mexican food lover and cook J.R. Deschamps. It features authentic salsa recipes perfected over time, as well as the traditional garnishes that use readily available ingredients like tomatoes, onions and chilly peppers. Bursting with delicious flavours waiting to be tried, J.R.’s new Salsa cookbook makes for the perfect gift for anybody with a passion for Mexican food or if you want to make something tasty, delicious and special for yourself. If you want a plain ubiquitous salsa or you want something special like salsa campechana, this e-book is for you!

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