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Hi I’m Damian, I bartend here at Liquid Kitty in West LA California. And we’re gonna talk a little bit today about the drink Lemon Drop. Lemon drop was developed in the ‘80s around the same time as the cosmopolitan. It’s in that family of martinis that are not really martinis but served in a martini glass. But basically I think it was in New York City the 80’s that it was developed but it’s been popular around the country for years. First thing you want to start off is with a cold martini glass. I have martini glass in the ice. Normally we have a fridge full of cold martini glasses. But today I’m gonna ice it on its own. So I’ve actually put the martini glass in the ice. I put ice in the martini glass. Let it sit for a little bit. It has soda water in it.
Take your shaker glass, fill it with ice. Traditionally, you use a lemon flavored vodka and we use Absolute Citron here at the Kitty.
[Citron means lemon in Swedish and it is made from citrus fruits. Lemon is dominant, but other citrus flavours are added for fuller experience.]
So take you Absolute Citron [3 oz of Absolute Citron]
We pour a little heavy here so that count is about 3 ounces of alcohol.
Take sweet & sour and Triple Sec [ 1 ½ oz of Sweet & Sour and Triple Sec] To about an ounce and a half of each of those.
Some places, they pu sugar in it. It’s already kind of on the sweet side because the triple sec is very sweet and our Sweet & Sour can be a little sweet. It’s sour but there is also a little sweetness into it, hence the name. So I don’t add any sugar to ours. Some place you can find will add sugar. I think it’s a little too sweet. Now our glass is nice and chilled, you can tell there’s a little frost on it. What I’ll do is I’ll rim the glass with lemon that has a little slice in it. So rim it to give it a little lemon juice around the rim. And here’s a little trick if you don’t have a dish of sugar to sugar the rim. I’ll take a sugar packet, I’ll open one end. And then I’ll split iit at the end that’s sealed. So it’s open on the 2 sides. I’ll take the glass and then just slide it through the sugar and you’ll have a perfectly sugared rim. Use that same lemon as garnish. Give it some really good shake. Take my strainer, strain it into the chilled, sugared rim martini glass. A good pour will leave a little bit off the top so the sugar stays and every time you’ll take a sip, you’ll get a little bite of the sugar and a little bit of drink. That’s why I think the sugar in the drink is kind of redundant but that’s just me. And that’s our Lemon Drop drink.