Do you need a recipe for a Singapore Sling Drink? it’s easier than you think

Damian from Liquid Kitty shows us how

Now that you know a little about bartending, there are some mixed drink recipes that every bartender needs to know.

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———– Transcript ————

How To Make a Singapore Sling

Hi I’m Damian one of the Bartender over at Liquid Kitty in West LA California and we’re gonna talk a little bit about the Singapore Sling.

It’s a, interesting drink because supposedly develop in 1915 in Raffles Hotel in Singapore by a Chinese bartender whose name I can’t pronounce that’s the folklore about it, nobody really knows if that’s true or not or where it came from but it’s basically a base drink with a lot sweeteners on it, rest of the folklore goes to that there’s no two recipes are the same and so at the Kitty came up with the recipe that supposedly the original recipe but it’s tough to say because you go in any bars restaurant and you never gonna be the same to drinks but they will be similar in that Gin, Lime Juice, and cherry brandy which is the three main ingredients, we start with Napoli Grande Glass, which is the closest thing we have to Hurricane glass, we’ll fill that with ice, today will be using the Beefeater Gin, about two and a half ounce of Beefeater five count depending on where you at, Cherry Brandy will be the second ingredient which is even about an ounce and a half with cherry brandy, Cointreau which is an orange base liquor and Benedictine which is an old monk recipe liquor a little less than an ounce, Grenadine just a splash of color couple dashes of bitters and i’m gonna put some fresh squeeze limes in there, it’s about half a lime i’ll cut the line in half cut it in a smaller parts to a takee it easier to squeeze, we’ll finish it of with pineapple juice and i’ll shake the whole thing up, mix it up and then garnish it with the cherry and a large straw and that’s you traditional Singapore Sling, it’s close that I can get to the original recipe.