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Hi. My name’s Damian. I’m a bartender here at Liquid Kitty in West LA California. We’re gonna talk a little bit about a drink called the Adios Mother Fucker also known as the AMF. It’s one of those drinks that people order when they want to get drunk fast like a White Lion ICed Tea or Long Beach Iced tea. Something really strong that doesn’t take like Alcohol. This version of the Long Island Iced Tea has actually more alcohol because the substitute of coke is Blue Curacao which has about 40 proof so it’s got a little more alcohol than coke, obviously.
[Blue Curacao is a sweet blue liqueur, distilled and flavored from the dried peel of bitter oranges. It can also contain distillates or lemons and curacao fruits, sugar and wine.]
So we’ll take our version of the hurricane glass, a Napoli Grande. I’m gonna fill it with ice and I’m gonna start with Vodka, Gin, Tequila and Triple Sec.
[Vodka 1 ½ oz, Gin 1 ½ oz, Tequila 1 ½ oz, Triple Sec 1 ½ oz]
I’m gonna pour all four in simultaneously. It’s about an ounce and a half of each. And the next ingredient will be rum and sweet & sour. [1 ½ oz] Same proportion.
And then the last one will be your Blue Curacao which will give it that blue and neon color. [½ oz of Blue Curacao liqueur]
Just give it a shake, garnish it with a couple of cherries, straw and that’s your adios motherfucker.