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Seasoning cubes are an all-purpose seasoning condiment used to flavor vegetables, soups and stews. It is widely used in African, Caribbean and Asian dishes and is an essential ingredient in most international kitchens. These cubes imparts a great flavor to soups and stews, sauces and marinades too. For a quick dip to complement fruit and vegetable sticks, blend sour cream or yogurt with seasoning cubes and thyme. It is a great way of adding a stimulating flavor to your salads. Jumbo and Maggi cubes are ideal sprinkled into foods to add extra flavor or used as seasoning in cooking. They make sensational stocks and add flavor to vegetables and sauces.Bundle includes 1 bag of 100 ct Maggi cubes and 1 box of 48 Jumbo cubes
This cholesterol-free cube adds deliciousness to your meals. It’s a seasoning condiment for all purposes.
Adds delicious flavor to meat and fish
NOTE: This product contains monosodium glutamine (MSG) for those that are sensitive to it.