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In this book the reader will find what and how a true and nurturing Italian mother would cook for her family and friends.

Today it is important to know everything about traditional, healthy and tasty dishes to feed both adults and children. The Mediterranean cuisine has cur-rently reached a world reconnaissance in this respect.

Italian recipes are famous and found throughout the world, especially in the United States but often are not traditional as commonly happens to all reci-pes around the World when they are used outside of their countries of origin.

In many American magazines and books about Italian cooking, the original spirit of Italian cuisine is often misrepresented. This book is addressing this point for all those who like to prepare “real” Italian style dishes for their family and friends.

In this book the reader will find all the basic information regarding the in-gredients and the instructions to cook Pasta dishes as they are truly served in every day life in Italy.


Eva Accenti has the hobby of cooking. She has been cooking for her family and friends since she married in Milan, Italy. Graduated in foreign languages at the Bocconi University in Milan, she lives now in the Italian speaking side of Switzerland (Ticino canton) and, from that beautiful corner of the world, she maintains contacts with her 4 sons and lovely 10 grandchildren living in Italy, Switzerland and in USA. During the years of her work she has been travelling all over the world both for enjoyment and as partner of her husband on his business trips. She gained a deep knowledge about the various cooking cultures and now she likes to pass to others her know how on the real and original Italian cooking expertise.