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After years of planning and saving, through decades of family yearning, you finally booked the trip of a lifetime to an unimaginably seductive Mediterranean utopia. The Family’s collective mood is amazement and bliss. This is Sparta is for those times when you just want some good Herb with a melody worth dancing to- a family event that every member can participate in with pride! A well balanced mix of Herbs and exotic splashes of Aleppo pepper, lemon & orange peel and roasted Garlic. Much lighter in salt than anything of similar quality, this Mediterranean inspired creation will work perfectly on roasted chicken thighs, white fish, potatoes, pizza, pasta and eggs! This is truly an all-around herb rub and seasoning for the whole family to enjoy. If you are looking for a spice gift set, spices for grilling, the perfect grill mate for father’s day, or any other gift for a special friend, this is for you! Our full line of all natural, low sodium, paleo friendly mixtures are sure to please the entire family. We have spice and seasoning sets available now with many more in the works. The best part of grilling, smoking, baking or sautéing with our rubs and seasonings is that you can be sure your beef, pork, seafood, poultry or vegetables will turn out delicious. Not only delicious but bold and flavorful – your party, family dinner or next day’s lunch will satisfy your palate. With this much dedication to quality and healthy ingredients, you can be sure your diet or healthy lifestyle will not take a back seat to flavor. Non GMO, Gluten Free, Low Sodium, All Natural, & Preservative Free are just some of the standards we adhere to when manufacturing the best rubs and seasonings in the world. Save the planet one jar at a time. Also, all rubs are manufactured in the USA under the strictest of standards. We donate 10% of our company profits to food based Charity so the more you buy the more you give back. All Hail Flavor!The Best Mediterranean Herb Rub & Seasoning
Delicious Herb Flavors Great for BBQ, Versatile, & Easy To Use
10% Donated To Help Feed The Hungry Through Our Philanthropy Work
No Fillers, Vegan, Gluten Free, Low Sodium, No Anti-Caking Agents, Amazing Seasonings
Healthy Cooking, All Natural Ingredients, Handcrafted in the USA