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Since 1926, the Martelli family has produced their artisanal pasta in the medieval town of Lari, near Pisa, in Tuscany. Incredibly still today, only Martelli family members carry on this tradition, managing the entire pasta production themselves. So what’s the recipe for their success? With simple techniques and traditional beliefs passed down from generation to generation, they utilize 100% Italian, first grade durum wheat to give birth to only 5 classic shapes. The wheat flour is manually worked into dough using cold water. Then, it is extruded and cut with bronze dies, and air dried for 50 hours (compared to industrial pasta that is oven dried for 30 mins). These processes give the pasta a rough surface and special porousness, perfect for catching pasta sauce. Why spaghetti?

If you are going to have just one Italian pasta in your pantry, spaghetti is it! With Martelli spaghetti on hand, you are set to make an excellent Carbonara, pasta con la Colatura, or Spaghetti & Meatballs. As the Italian journalist Giuseppe Prezzolini once pointed out, spaghetti has done more than Dante to spread Italian genius worldwide. And it’s true! Who hasn’t heard of spaghetti?

Nota bene: Pay attention as you cook this precious, Tuscan pasta! You really need to cook it “al dente” to enjoy the fullness of its flavor and texture.

An artisanal pasta made in Tuscany by the Martelli family
Produced locally with 100% Italian premium durum wheat
Bronze die extrusion and long drying create an incredible texture and porousness for catching sauce
Perfect for any spaghetti dish from Spaghetti con La Colatura to Spaghetti & Meatballs
A package of 500 gr – 1.1 lb