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Accurate 5 piece measuring spoons – Exact sizes – 1/8 teaspoon (0.6ml); 1/4 teaspoon (1.25ml); 1/2 teaspoon (2.5ml); 1 teaspoon (5ml); 1 tablespoon (15ml)

Strong and high quality, fits most jars and containers. A MUST for anyone who has loves home cooking in their own kitchen.

Made from high grade stainless steel, they wont bend, break, wear out or rust.

Skinnier is better! The narrow shape allows easy dipping into spice jars with good manoeuvrability because of the tapered handles. And it has the 1/8 teaspoon! These are difficult to find but often needed in recipes.

These spoons are a must have if you cook and bake a lot.

Eye-catching set is the perfect gift for the baker.

Versatile, Durable, Easy to Use,Accurate, Quality Design,Time-saver, Easy to Clean, Easy to Store, Needed Sizes.

You can have these great spoons with a 5 star rating. These are not poor quality imitations.

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ACCURATE CHEF QUALITY IN YOUR HOME – Are you looking for high finish polished elegant kitchen gadgets, spoons and cups? Our spoons will last a lifetime. They are made of solid heavy duty material in one piece so as not to break bend or come apart. They are not tinny or made of cheap plastic. AND YES we include near impossible to find 1/8-tsp. with 1/4-tsp., 1/2-tsp., 1-tsp. and 1-Tbs. sizes., you and your kids will love baking cakes, cookies, slices and biscuits with these long fine spoons.
BAKE BEAUTIFUL DISHES – Baby 1/8th Teaspoon to Tablespoon with solid ring holder, you and your kids will love baking cakes, cookies, slices and biscuits with these fine spoons. These specifically designed to fit inside spice jars and other containers with narrow openings, so you can measure your ingredients without pouring out of their container or having to use a knife to reach into small openings. Measure in Ounces (OZ) and millilitres (mL).
A REAL TIME SAVER – Versatile, Durable, Quick and Easy to Use, Accurate, Quality Design, Easy to Clean, Dishwasher Safe, Easy to Store. These spoon are long and thin to get right into narrow spice jars, packets and tins. Why go for plastic or ceramic spoons, when you can have clean safe stainless steel metal to fill those mixing bowls., Needed Sizes. Become an organiser, empty those glass spice jars and baking powders, and get cooking with accurate, correct precise measurements.
YOU WILL LOVE THESE – Foodies will love the size 6 inches in length with curved sides allow you to level your dry and liquid ingredient measurements. Easily and accurately measure dry and liquid ingredients like salt. pepper, herbs, spices, cumin rosemary, curry powder, oils, baking power, sauces, water, coffee, butter and alcohol for cocktails and drinks. Includes etched engraving that wont rust or wear off. They make an awesome gift for housewarming parties or gift.
UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE – If you are not with this completely 100% happy with this ideal accompaniment to your bakers spice rack, return them, no hassles no questions, just send back hassle free. Happy baking. Experience the best from foodytools.