Italian onion soup

I haven’t done much cooking last week. Between the semi-empty fridge, the getting back in my US life and the starting to work again, it just seemed like I could only throw together something at the very last minute.

In addition, the weather here has been bitterly cold. This winter Minnesota seems to be generally warmer than usual, but last week it decided to throw in a couple of true Minnesota winter days. They were not worse than your average Minnesota winter day, but they were horrible compared to the rather mild days we had this winter. And I am not good at standing Minnesota cold.

So I will resuscitate an old recipe I never posted and give you onion soup.

Onion soup


  • 4 large onions
  • 1 quart beef broth
  • 4 slices stale or toasted bread
  • 4 oz grated gruvyer cheese
  • 1 tbsp flour
  • 2 bay leaves
  • salt
  • pepper
  • butter


  1. Start by thinly slicing the onions. In a casserole melt the butter and add the onions and the bay leaves. Salt the onions to help them loose the water and let them cook until very tender.
  2. When the onions are cooked add the flour and mix so that the flour coats the onions uniformly. Add the broth and let cook for 30 minutes or so. Season the soup to taste with salt and pepper and fish out the bay leaves.
  3. Transfer the soup to individual bowls and top them with the bread and the grated cheese. Place the bowls under the grill and let the cheese broil until it forms a nice golden crust.
  4. Serve the soup super hot.

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