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Coffee is more than morning beverage here at Café Tres Generaciones; it is a way of life. This tradition started in 1929 and continues today. Café Tres Generaciones coffee beans are grown at 4,500 feet on the fertile land of the Poas Volcano, north of Costa Rica´s Central Valley. These conditions provide our coffee with its unique aroma, flavor and body. Every day, Café Tres Generaciones slowly and carefully roasts the finest first class coffee beans grown at DOKA ESTATE.Single Origen: Doka Estate, Costa Rica. 100% Arabica Coffee
Medium Roast. Peaberry beans offers a nice, bright and sweet cup. Enjoy every sip
Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans. Vacuum Seal Pack with one-way degassing valve
Aroma: lively and intense / Acidity: bright / Body: medium / Flavor: sweet with lime notes
Doka Estate Peaberry AA or “caracolillo” is natural mutation of every coffee plant that occurs during the pollination of the flower where only develops one seed concentrating its flavor. It happens in only 5% of the coffee production.