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You Go Out For A Picinic But You Cannot Carry A Heavy Wine Bottle With You- Now What?

Don’t worry my friend! The Goodmanns Wine Flask is here to untie your hands!

An elaborate and smart way to carry your drinks – not just wine – along in an easy, comfortable and leak proof way!

Light & Easy To Carry Anywhere

Take your beautiful red flask and fill it. The nozzle is wide enough so you will not have to carry a funnel with you. Shut the sturdy cap and done! Pack up and off you go!

Foldable too! When you finish your drink, just fold it and back in the bag. No space keeping, in your bags anymore, no useless weight. Excellent for travels and outdoor activities. A perfect gift for any occasion and a great way to enjoy your drink when you are on a friend’s home.

A Few Words To Describe It

Foldable, flexible, collapsible, bendable, packable, unbreakable, shatterproof, eco – friendly, reusable, recyclable, compact, novelty, travel-friendly, elegant – all these are just a few of its features – there are so many more that we would need a book to describe it in full.

Unbelievably easy to use, clean and reuse. To use just follow the instructions given in a few simple steps. To clean just fill with a little water and liquid soap, shake and wash off. Ready to reuse anytime.

Check out our special offers and excellent 90 day guarantee, as well as our unbeatable services! The Goodmanns products are here to stay and improve your life only for the better!

Add To Your Cart Now – Start Enjoying The Fruit Of The Vineyard Today Already!PROOF YOU CAN TAKE VINO ANYWHERE: No more worrying about broken liquor bottles at your next outdoor party. Now you can pour your favorite alcohol drink with satisfaction because of this alternative shatterproof solution. A high quality and durable way to enjoy any unique adult beverage. Fold, roll & pack in your purse or pocket for transporting in secret. No more bulky & heavy flasks hidden in your backpack again. Ditch cheap bags made of material that can puncture leaks when folded up.
HOLDS A FULL BOTTLE OF RED OR WHITE: Easily pour and fill the wide spout simply without using a filling funnel. Screw on the cap and take rolled up flattened on occasions you’re carrying the bladder. Designed as a safe and easy way to hide drinks like rum, champagne, whiskey, tequila, or cocktails at events where glass will not be allowed, such as beaches, concerts, boating trips, lake house, golf caddy, theatre, RV, hiking, & picnics.
EASY TO CLEAN: Cleaning after use requires hand washing with a mix of soap and water. Wash by going just over the mouth area and inside the empty lining. This will remove any bacteria, odors, or mess. It Is easily cleaned without scrubbing. Made of premium food grade, BPA free plastic materials that leaves no taste transfer when pouring booze on your journey. Dishwasher not recommended.
ECO-FRIENDLY COMPANION FOR ALL OCCASIONS: You will love being able to toss one or two of these lightweight pouches into your purse or luggage without worrying about it breaking in your baggage. Add a set of glasses to the mix and you have the ideal non breakable, no hassle drinkware solution. Makes a great present for drinkers heading to pool parties, parks, boats, barbecues, beach vacations, cruise ship holidays, outdoor festivals, Tailgating, bachelorette & engagement bridal showers.
NO-HASSLE RETURNS GUARANTEE WARRANTY: Goodmanns company 100% purchase satisfaction & absolute customer service. Conveniently goes great with our Wine Walker silicone glassware sets. Makes the ultimate break resistant drinking kit to get tipsy with friends & family. A great funny novelty gag accessories gift for wine lovers or birthday present. Consider getting several sets. Click ‘Buy Now’ To Get Yours Today.