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Almost anyone who loves food also has a sweet tooth. When you visit us, what will you be shopping for? Or, if you are selling some sugary delight, what will it be?

Do you remember those incredible home-made jellies, jams and preserves that you can buy down South? You haven’t seen anything! They make such delightful and delicious things, with really different ingredients, all over the world.

For that matter, a sweet taste doesn’t always mean refined sugars. Many people hunger for sourwood honey from the mountains of Virginia, sorghum syrup or molasses from the lowlands, or some of the natural sweeteners from Latin America. You North America, but you still must try some of the world-renowned cookies and biscotti made only in the tiny bakeries scattered across Europe. After dinner, it’s time for dessert.

What dessert, you ask? Perhaps you’d like crème brûlée or Frozen Haute Chocolate. Oh, now that you’ve got me talking about chocolate, what about that deep dark chocolate that makes us think of Germany or Switzerland. Or the more exotic Portugese Queijadinha, the Puccho candy from Japan, the Pastillas de leche candy of the Philippines that just melts in your mouth. Oh, in cause you are interested, we will be offering lots of healthy foods too!

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