Potato bread recipe

The other day I boiled potatoes for making some mashed potatoes, but I baked far too many so the day after I had to use them for something and I decided to go for potatoes bread. It is super soft, fluffy bread and is pretty good too! Definitely a must try.


  • 1lb boiled potatoes peeled
  • 1.2lb flour
  • 2 tsp yeast
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 oz. potatoes buds
  • salt
  • sugar


  1. I started as usual by dissolving the yeast and sugar in some warm water, then I mixed the water with the flour and the potatoes buds. This dough is quite dry, but don’t worry once you add the potatoes it will work out to just the right consistency. After about 15 minutes, I added a pinch of salt and the potatoes which I mashed using a potato ricer. It is important to mash the potatoes quite finely and a regular masher won’t work, you should use either a ricer or a food mill. I kneaded the mashed potatoes with the flour dough until I got a soft and smooth mixture. I put the dough in a bowl and put a lid on it. After a couple of hours when the dough had risen, I formed the dough into a crown shape and floured it. I put my pizza stone in the oven and warmed up it at 450F. When the oven was warm enough, I baked the bread for about 40 minutes because I like it quite crusty, if you like the bread to be less crusty cook it for 5-10 minutes less.
  2. Nice and soft, great for making sandwiches!


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