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QO infused olive oils are ideal for enhancing flavors and aromas of your favorite dishes. Spray a few times on top of your ready-to-eat
favorite meals to give that final touch of freshness that will unleash your culinary imagination.

The attentive selection of flavors, combined with the utilization of Premium Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (0.2% acidity) and the unique production
process at room temperature applied, allows QO to deliver a one of a kind product in its class which characteristics are the continuous freshness
of the infused aromas and the persistent lively quality of the olive oil.

This high quality olive oil condiment is prepared by using two different natural flavor extraction techniques: fast cold infusion and
ultrasound vibrations through electrodes. This is a mechanical pump, there is no aerosol technology used, an ALL NATURAL product.


QO Infused Olive Oils have lots of character. Taste and aroma are strong and a little bit goes a long way.
Spray over your ready to eat:

▪ salads
▪ pastas
▪ bruschettas
▪ rice
▪ sauces
▪ meat
▪ poultry
▪ fish
▪ seafood
▪ soups

Best when used as a finishing oil, not as a cooking oil. This Olive Oil condiment is a flavor and aroma enhancer.

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Controlled Calories: only 1.7 kcal per single spray.
Controlled Dosage: only 0.18 g/ 0.2 cc per single spray.
Spray a few times over your favorite ready-to-eat dish and enjoy
Risk Free of any type of contamination, sealed can non refillable. Mechanical pump, propellant free
Developed in collaboration with the University of Milan. Made in ITALY