Rhubarb and banana jam

Eons ago when I was hosted by a very nice German family and for breakfast I used to eat this awesome rhubarb and banana jam that I loved. I don’t remember the taste anymore because, as I said, it was eons ago ca. 1998, I only remember I loved it.
Rhubarb is not a very popular ingredient in Italy and my mom hates it anyway, so no more rhubarb jam for me  after I got back from Germany. But in the US rhubarb is much more common. And just yesterday I saw 2 or 3 recipes using rhubarb. So I decided to go on line and look for a recipe.

After a bit of scouting I discovered that the recipe is actually really easy and that I had to make a decision on the quantity of sugar I wanted in my jam and whether I wanted to precook the rhubarb or not. I drew on my general jam knowledge and decided not to precook the rhubarb and to use a ratio of 1:2 sugar to rhubarb.

Rhubarb and banana jam


  • 1lb rhubarb cleaned
  • 1/2lb sugar
  • 1 banana


    1. First I cleaned and cut the rhubarb in slices. Then I weighted the rhubarb and put it in a bowl. I added half the weight of the rhubarb in sugar (in my case it was 1lb rhubarb and 1/2 lb sugar) to the bowl and mixed it to the rhubarb. I let the rhubarb macerate with the sugar for about 4-5 hours (you can also do it overnight) and then I transfered everything to a pot.
    2. I cooked the rhubarb and the sugar for about 20 minutes and when the rhubarb started falling apart, I added 1 sliced banana. I let cook for another couple of minutes and then transfered to my vases. My 1lb rhubarb, filled about 3 8oz.

  1. I did not sterilize the vases afterwards, as I believe I will be eating the jam relatively soon and there should be enough sugar in to preserve the jam for a reasonably long time.
  2. I tried the jam and it is great! Not sure it is like the one I ate in Germany, because as I said I don’t remember how it tasted like, but it is good! I think it will be actually eaten fast!

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