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Make your everyday dish a gourmet delight with this wonderfully aromatic spice.

Saffron enriches a wide variety of dishes, adding an appetizing colour and a sumptuous aroma and thus guarantees excellent results.

A small quantity of saffron adds a delicious taste and colour to the widest range of dishes

Essential ingredient in paellas, stews, soups, rice dishes and sauces.

Saffron is called azafran in Spanish and is a spice that has a special place in history, always being considered very valuable.

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Spanish Saffron is well Known for its Romantic Aroma, Lovely Flavor, and Coloring Capabilities.
Essential Ingredient in Spanish Food
Spanish Saffron is Prized for its High Quality
All Natural and Grown Without Pesticides or Fertilizers
Certified by ISO (International Standards Organization) – Best Before Nov 2018