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Taste the Difference with Mojo Mama’s

Use Mojo Mama’s dry mojo as a way to spice up bland sauces, flavor your favorite meats, and make vegetables taste delicious.  This set includes Mojo Mama Key Lime Citrus, Original Citrus, and Blackened Caribbean Seasoning.  With three unique savory flavors to enjoy, you will never get tired of the spicy/citrusy taste of the Caribbean.   Mojo Mama is dedicated to creating spice blends with sophisticated depth using only the best all-natural ingredients.

Add more variety to your meals…Mojo Mama’s dry mojo is a great alternative to Cajun, jerk, ranch, and other such seasonings in your dinner rotation.   Also great for dressings, party appetizers, and even popcorn flavoring…the options are endless with Mojo Mama’s three-flavor seasoning set.  Mojo Mama guarantees tasty gourmet seasoning perfect for all your favorite foods on and off the grill. 

MOUTH WATERING FLAVOR. Step up from plain old salt and pepper, and add a tangy twist or spicy surprise to your party appetizers and dishes. Season your sauces the authentic Caribbean way with this gourmet line of dry mojo.
UNIQUE SEASONING SET. The value pack offers three different dry mojo blends: Blackened Caribbean, Key Lime Citrus, and Original Caribbean Citrus. Mojo Mama has a taste for every occasion.
ALL NATURAL SPICES. Mojo Mama’s Seasonings ditch all the artificial ingredients, preservatives, and msg. This all-natural set of spices gives meat, poultry, fish and seafood an unforgettable taste.
GRILLING ESSENTIAL. For those who love to grill, try Blackened Caribbean on juicy chicken or Key Lime Citrus on a fish fillet. Mojo Mama gives grilled foods flavor like you’ve never experienced before.
AUTHENTIC CARRIBEAN TASTE. Whether you are in the mood for Original Citrus, spicy Blackened Caribbean, or some Key Lime tang, Mojo Mama’s offers unparalleled taste and quality your family and guests will rave about.