I am no Martha Stewart but I thought some might enjoy the way I cook Wild Turkey that has been passed down by the women in my family. So I am glad you are checking out my “How to” video. I tried to keep it under 10 min for you guys. There are quite a few bloopers, but I like to have fun. The background noise is my family at my grandma’s house, there are 15 of us here so it was hard to keep the noise down. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

***Also, make sure to cool the seasoning down after boiling before you begin marinating the meat.****(wasn’t mentioned in video)

I call it Wild Game Turkey because I am used to cooking wild game for the most part but I mean Wild Turkey (LOL) Sorry for the lack of music I wanted to get the video up quickly so those of you who were interested in cooking turkey could do so.

THANKYOU for checking out my video!! (I guess you can subscribe if you didn’t get a big enough dose of my awkwardness… or if you are interested in more wild game recipes…or whatever else I decide to post on here. Lol.)