MUST WATCH! The BEST EVER EASY FAMILY DINNER IDEA AND RECIPE!!! These Fiesta Bowls are amazing, delicious and KIDS LOVE THEM! Totally customizeable too. Ingredient list in description! Did I mention, easy to make?

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1 – 2lbs. Fresh or Defrosted Ground Beef. (1lb. would feed approx 2-3 people, and 2lbs. would feed 4-6 people, if you’re hearty eaters, get 2lbs!)
McCormick’s Premium Taco Seasoning
2-3 Ripe Avocados (Or guac. when avos. are out of season.)
1 Jar Salsa
Leafy Greens (Any lettuce will do, iceberg works best, but I used spinach here.)
1-2 Large Ripe Peaches (Nectarines work great too.)
1 Bag Tortilla Chips
Optional Items:
Slicked Black Olives (1 Can)
Tomato (1)
Shredded Cheese
Black Beans (1 Box or Can)
Sour Cream
Fresh Cucumbers
Whatever else you can think of!
Enough large bowls to offer 1 for each dinner guest… truly this meal is way more fun to eat from a bowl than a plate! (Plates work just fine FYI.)


Cook/brown beef thoroughly, use taco seasoning to taste. (I use quite a bit of seasoning… Just shake it all over the meat… yum!) Stir frequently. Prep other garnishes/toppings while your meat cooks.
Chop, dice and strain each of your topping ingredients while the meat is browning.
Once meat is fully cooked, literally put a serving of meat in each bowl.
Put enough toppings of each of your ingredients in each bowl too! So easy, right?! Some lettuce, salsa, several slices or pieces of the peach to give it that sweetness, and whatever else you have. The peaches or nectarines are key! If you don’t have fresh ones at the market, you can substitute jarred peaches, as long as they are strained.

Safely involve your kids in the assembly of the fiesta bowls. It helps them learn the great habit of making food at home, and using whole, healthy ingredients! Obviously don’t let them touch hot/dangerous cooking tools, but you know what I mean!

For anyone struggling with mystery illness, autoimmune or severe conditions of the body, I have autoimmune-induced Hunner’s Ulcers, a severe subtype of Interstitial Cystitis. FYI I am able to totally modify the ingredients in my fiesta bowl to fit all of my needs (example: in the included video, I didn’t use tortilla chips in my bowl), and for me, this doesn’t cause a flare up. Every person with IC is DIFFERENT, but I want to encourage you that you can make this your own! THRIVE!

Thank you for reading; happy prepping and cooking! It is such a gift to feed our families, and we are fortunate mamas here (and dads if you’re a dad reading this)… heck, even if you’re not a parent… we are each fortunate in our own ways!

God bless you, and your home.

With love from my kitchen to yours,
Sara (a.k.a. Pretty in Pink Mama)

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