Olive pork chops recipe

The other day at the supermarket I have seen some thin cut pork chops and I grabbed a box because they are awesome to do some sort of scaloppine. Scaloppine are thin cut slices of meat (often veal) lightly floured and then cooked in some sort of liquid (typically something alcoholic like wine, marsala or brandy).
Yesterday I was working at my computer, when I realized I was starving and I needed food fast. I opened the fridge and there there were the thin cut pork chops…. and a vase of pitted green olives…. and some black olives. Light bulb went on and I started cooking….


  • thinly cut pork chops (or pork loin)
  • pitted and sliced green and black olives
  • wine
  • pepper
  • salt


  1. First I put a pan on the stove and put some oil in to warm up. Meanwhile I floured the pork chops lightly and when the oil was warm I seared my pork chops on both sides. I then added the olives and a splash odf white wine. When the wine evaporated I added salt and pepper and a bit of water so that the meat stays nice and tender. After about 5 min the chops should be done (you can see it from the color of the bone, if the bones don’t “sweat” blood anymore the chops are done). Take them out of the pan and turn the heat up to reduce the olive base, I usually also add a bit of the flour left over from the flouring process. When the sauce is well reduced pour it over the chops and serve.
  2. Fast nice dinner. BF came back from his dinner meeting, smelled the kitchen and asked me why I never cook the good food when he is around…
  3. Note on the olives: obviously it is important to have decent olives that taste like something. I usually get mine at middle eastern stores and I get the dry oven roasted black olives and pitted green olives preserved in brine with no spices added..

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